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20% off on handmade winter gloves by Cornelia James

Stylish? Obviously. Versatile? Clearly. Practical? Always. And now, with 20% off courtesy of the Cornelia James / Spectator Club partnership, eminently affordable too.

Spending more time than usual outdoors this winter? A proper pair of gloves becomes a major consideration.

Our particular favourite is the Merino wool glove. The Merino is the king of sheep in so far as wool is concerned. Originally reared in Spain, the Merino sheep was exported to Australia where sheep and climate conspire to produce a wool of superlative quality. The wool is especially fine, making it very soft to the touch and, pound for pound, one of the warmest wools around, a quality which enables us to make a glove that is sleek, stylish and warm. The Merino Wool collection is the 'do anything, go anywhere' collection. Equally at home under bright city nights or walking the dog. Wool gloves that have warmth without bulk. The glove that you didn't know you needed but, once you've got a pair, you'll wonder how you managed without.

Our pure cashmere gloves are the greatest indulgence. The cashmere is combed from the underfleece of goats that graze on the Tibetan plateau and then taken 6000 miles to Scotland and the shores of Loch Leven to be dyed and spun; and then down to us in Sussex to be sewn into properly sized and tailored cashmere gloves. Both our Merino Wool and Cashmere gloves come with a touchscreen friendly option using pure silver thread hand embroidered into the thumb and forefingers to provide the all important conductivity between the surface and the wearer.

Leather is a classic choice for winter gloves - nature's gift to the glovemaker; smooth as butter, malleable, and endowed with a natural 'give and take' which will allows the glovemaker's craft to give heavenly form to the human hand.

Choices, choices - gloves for giving and to be given and nobody can have too many gloves.  ‘Tis the season...

Offer valid Nov 1st - December 31st

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