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Be the beer, cider, or wine expert you deserve to be with 10% discount on online courses

Become a beer, cider and wine expert by using your exclusive Spectator subscriber 10% discount for online courses from School of Booze – then impress your friends with extensive knowledge of your favourite drink!

There are three levels of learning in School of Booze courses – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The courses contain the breadth of information taught in beer, cider and wine sommelier training, including styles/regions, and how food matching works.

When you feel ready, take an online multiple-choice examination and receive a digital certificate which, depending on the level of learning, will transform you into an Officer of Booze Enlightenment (OBE), Master of Booze Enlightenment (MBE), or Chief of Booze Enlightenment (CBE).

The quick-to-learn concise online courses can be done when and where is convenient – on your device, in your place, at your pace. You can stop and start whenever you want so there’s no need to do the course in one sitting if that is inconvenient.

Including your 10% discount, the prices are £45 (inc VAT) for one course; £81 (inc VAT) for a two-course bundle; and £112.50 (inc VAT) for a three-course bundle*.

To redeem your 10% discount, please insert code COURSE10 at the checkout.

*Please note, that the term bundle refers to two or three courses of the same subject – i.e. the beer bundle, the cider bundle, and the wine bundle. Mixing and matching of different subject courses is not permitted for the bundles.

These are some reviews from drinks professionals, including The Spectator’s drinks editor Jonathan Ray.

Beer courses review

‘Jane Peyton’s friendly, engaging style is perfect for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about what’s in their glass. Through a combination of both written and audio material, she shares knowledge she has garnered from her position as an award-winning beer writer and educator. She manages to make complex topics easy to understand, brings alive dense information, and scatters bright little nuggets of wisdom throughout.’  

Emma Inch, producer and host of Fermentation Radio, and Emeritus British Beer Writer of the Year.

Cider courses review

‘School of Booze courses written by Jane Peyton are fascinating as well as educational. The world of cider is multi-layered and relatively unknown, so it pays to join a trusted guide. And Jane, Britain’s first accredited Pommelier, knows her apples and pears.  Her Cider & Food Matching material contains the best food pairing exposition I’ve seen. These courses are for those who wish to further their knowledge in the company of one of the nation’s most entertaining cider educationalists.’

Susanna Forbes, Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery and author of The Cider Insider.

Wine courses review

‘Jane Peyton, founder of the deliciously named School of Booze, knows everything there is to know about wine. By the time you finish her brilliantly conceived course on the subject you will know pretty much everything too. Aimed at the enthusiastic amateur who fancies knowing a bit more, Jane takes you gently but expertly by the virtual hand. You will know the difference between Maipo, Marlborough and malolactic fermentation and as a result will enjoy your next glass of vino all the more. I can’t recommend this jolly wine course enough.’

Jonathan Ray, drinks editor, The Spectator

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