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35% off the new book by The Spectator’s Martin Vander Weyer

Get your copy of The Good, the Bad and the Greedy: Why We’ve Lost Faith in Capitalism by Martin Vander Weyer for just £13 (RRP £20) in this exclusive Spectator Club offer.

From the Industrial Revolution to the internet, capitalism has been a great engine of human progress. But now it stands accused of allowing the greedy few to run riot over the rest of society, exploiting workers and suppliers and recklessly damaging the planet in pursuit of profit. Where did these accusations come from – and are they true?

In this lively critique, Spectator business editor Martin Vander Weyer argues that capitalism has indeed lost its moral compass, has lost public trust and is in urgent need of repair.

To order your copy at the special offer price of £13 (RRP £20), visit and enter the promo code ‘SpecClub’ at the checkout.

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