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15% off Pinestone Tea’s luxury green tea gift set

Perfect as a gift or as a luxurious treat for yourself…

Our loose-leaf teas are authentic, high-grade Chinese green teas, selected by seasoned tea masters from the most prestigious plantations in China, and prepared by hand to bring you a truly exquisite tea-drinking experience.

We use traditional techniques, perfected over thousands of years, so the aroma captured in a single drop is the conclusion of a lengthy and complex process, and one to be savoured.

Our teas include Lung Ching (or Dragon Well), a highly-prized variety with the 18 original bushes dating back to Tang Dynasty, still producing tea that fetches higher prices per gram than gold. There’s also jasmine tea, infused with jasmine flowers, a process that is repeated up to seven times – truly a labour of love. And Chun Mee, a popular and revered tea, which requires ten different types of hand movements to shape, press and turn the leaves during production. Each tea has its own story, and its own unique, special characteristics.

To celebrate our launch, we are delighted to offer 15% off our luxury green tea set, usually retailing at £26.99 but available exclusively to Spectator subscribers for £22.99. Each set contains 100g Lung Ching, 100g jasmine and 100g Chun Mee, along with a complimentary re-seal clip to keep your tea absolutely fresh, beautifully presented in a gift box.

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