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15% off handmade in England bags and accessories by Bennett Winch

On a mission to create objects of ‘soul and purpose’, Bennett Winch is known for fusing a timeless, understated aesthetic with truly innovative product design. Handmade in England using traditional techniques and the highest quality materials, their luggage and accessories are aimed at those who understand that if you buy well, you need only buy once.  

‘Since launching in 2014, Bennett Winch has been putting out some of the best luggage, office gear and accessories you can get your hands on.’ GQ Magazine

‘Bennett Winch is a small UK company but they’re the absolute best at luggage at the moment.’ - New York Times

‘Bennett Winch have a commitment to quality that elevates this relative newcomer to the status of even the most established brands.’ - The Rake Magazine

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Offer available throughout December and January.

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